Four Chambers Studio creatively uses new technologies to develop unique experiences of the environment, our relationship to the environment, and our relationship to each other.

In our studio, you’ll find a range of technologies intermingled among topo maps, books on national parks, sketches of new projects, soldering stations, and coffee mugs.

At the heart of the company are a team of very experienced digital artists who are not only passionate about their work but share a common friendship and dedication to developing works make a personal and global difference.

Coming out of the Studio are a collection of best selling 360 virtual tour products, interactive exhibits headed to science centers, new web technologies, team members headed to photograph new sites, software for schools, interactive installations at venues such as Burning Man, and artwork of all shapes and sizes.

Its about drawing connections, visualizing, creating, experiencing, educating, creating, and sharing.

Contact Information:

Four Chambers Studio
128 Ebbetts Pass Road
Vallejo, CA 94589

Toll free phone message line: 877-859-0425
Toll free fax: 877-859-0425

Gene Cooper
President / Owner
707-319-9310 (mobile)

Product Ordering Information:
Product orders can either be faxed in to our office at 877-859-0425 or you can also email/call Gene Cooper at, cell 707-319-9310.

Company History:
Four Chambers Studio was started at the turn of the century, year 2000. Since then the company has moved around a bit but has steadily grown in its scope and reach to the public. To date, the company has produced websites for the organizations such the Grand Canyon Association, developed interactive exhibits for venues such as the Arizona Science Center, produced over 14 best selling virtual tour products, setup exhibits in National Park visitor centers around the US, created interactive art installations for events such as Burning Man, exhibited at numerous conferences such as Siggraph, supported organizations such as Leave No Trace, and collaborated with over 35 parks, associations, and agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management.